Where to Get Film Developed in Canada in 2018

When you start talking to people about film photography, one of the first things that most people says is “Can you even get film developed anymore?”, and I have great news: The answer is a big Yes. I’m going to list places that I know or can find here, broken down by Canadian city, but if you know more, or have extra details about any of these, please let us know by emailing support@buyfilm.ca and we’ll add them.

Toronto, Ontario and surrounding area (GTA):

Toronto Image Works:

This is a pro lab downtown in Toronto, and I’ve used them a number of times, with very good results. They will develop C41 or B&W film, using dip and dunk processing. They are very flexible when it comes to pushing both C41 and B&W film, because they are a pro lab, geared towards people with professional imaging needs (their founder is Edward Burtynsky, a fantasticphotographer – check out all his books here).

TIW may be geared to pros, but the prices are reasonable: If you just wanted negatives, it’s $8.75 CAD for a roll of 35mm, and just $6.00 CAD for a roll of 120 film. They have scanning options that start at $7.26 CAD per roll, and I was very happy when I used those. They will provide you with an FTP site that you can download your scans from, and then when you come in to pick up the negatives, you also get a CD-R with the files and a small contact sheet.

TIW will develop film up to 8×10, and they also provide a plethora of advanced scanning and printing options. You can also go in and rent the use of a scanner (flatbed or Imacon) on an hourly basis.

This is definitely a high quality place, with very reasonable prices, and their turnaround time is great too (your processing will be done by 6PM if you get it in by noon on a weekday).

Northern Artists ProLab:

These guys are new to me, but their website says they’ve been in busy for quite a long time. They provide a good variety of processing, scanning and printing services. Their price list shows that they do the standard C41 and B&W developing, in 35mm and 120 formats. They also list  prices for 4×5 B&W as well as infrared B&W. They’re located at Yonge and St. Clair.

West Camera:

This is another one I’m not acquainted with personally, but they seem to offer the normal stuff that everyone else does: C41 and B&W processing/scanning/printing in both 35mm and 120 formats. If you just want negatives, it’s $5.00 CAD for colour rolls, and $7.00 for B&W (both prices are for either 35mm or 120).

These guys are downtown, on Queen W., in between Spadina and Bathurst. I phoned to check on their turnaround time and they said that they generally have 1-day turnaround, with 1-hour available, but at the time I called their machine was “under maintenance”, so right now it’s a few days – I’d phone them to check ahead if this is important to you.

Natural Colour Lab:

This Markham lab processes E6C41 and B&W developing, up to 4×5 in size. I phoned them, and here are some sample prices:

For a 35mm roll of E6 slide film, they charge $10 CAD (slightly less for 24 exposure rolls). For a roll of 120 slide film (E6), they charge $7 CAD.

For any 35mm or 120 roll of normal C41 or B&W film, they charge $5 CAD.

They have a Fuji professional scanner (I didn’t get the model), and will scan a roll of film for $5 CAD. I forgot to ask how they deliver the files (USB, CD-R, Dropbox).


Downtown Camera:

These folks are also, as the name suggests, right downtown in Toronto. Definitely not the most fun location to drive/park, but if you live downtown, they provide a solid set of developing services, with C41 and B&W done in-house (no push processing available on C41). They will also send out E6 film to be processed at a couple of locations: One is Borealis (see below in the Quebec section), and one is E6it, which is a one-man operation using a Jobo Autloab 1500. Borealis charges a bit more than E6it for a roll of E6 ($13.50 CAD vs $10.00 CAD), but their turnaround time is much faster (2 weeks vs. 6-8 weeks+).


This business is in Mississauga, at Erin Mills and the 403. They process colour or B&W in 35mm120 or 4×5 sizes. I phoned and they quoted me prices for getting a roll developed with prints, but they sounded busy, so I didn’t ask whether they could just develop negatives, in case you just want the negs and no prints.

Burlington, Ontario:

Burlington Camera and Digital:

This store is great, and if you live in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville area, it’s well worth a visit. They develop C41 colour film (in sizes up to 120), and B&W (up to 8×10). They process colour once a week, and B&W every 3-5 days. I’ve had a number of rolls developed here, and they were done very well. I am pretty sure they will also do push/pull processing, although I should double-check that.

On top of developing, this is a great place to buy a camera. They have quite a good selection of used cameras, lenses, and any sort of accessories you can think of (old straps, filters, cases, etc.), and very reasonable prices. They also have a good selection of new and used darkroom supplies, so if you want to develop yourself and need tanks, reels, chemicals (B&W only) check out their basement (I didn’t see it the first few times I visited).

Burlington Camera also has a large amount of vintage cameras on display around the store, making up what amounts to a sort of museum. There are dozens and dozens of old cameras to look at (possible hundreds?), and you’ll see them as soon as you come in the door.

Kitchener, Ontario:

Highland Camera:

I phoned this place to confirm that they process film, and they do, although only colour (C-41). They also sell vintage cameras, and were very easy to talk to, so I’d recommend checking them out. One note as of March 2017: They told me that they will be moving locations in the future (but still processing film), so you may want to double-check the address before heading down. (And if they do move and I haven’t updated this list, please let me know!)

Guelph, Ontario:

Pond’s FotoSource:

A reader alerted me to Pond’s FotoSource, and told me they: “.. can develop C-41 and B&W – and with very quick turnaround times (they develop twice a week for color, and once a week for black and white). I don’t believe their machine allows push/pull compensation, however.”

Owen Sound, Ontario:

Foto Art:

(Description to come, but check their site for now)

Peterborough, Ontario:

Peterborough Photo:

(Description to come, but check their site for now)

Ottawa, Ontario:

GPC Labworks:

This lab processes E6C41 and also B&W, and has a comprehensive price list here. Their services seem to be quite comprehensive.

Sooter’s Ottawa:

Here’s a second lab with three locations in Ottawa that processes E6C41 and also B&W. I haven’t heard of them before or phoned them, so I am not sure of turnaround times – I’m guessing they probably develop everything at one location, but who knows (if you know, fill me in).

Montreal, Quebec:


Borealis doesn’t have the greatest web page ever, but they seem to develop C41 and B&W as well as the E6, in all sizes.

Camtec Photo:

This business in Montreal has 2 locations listed, one as ’boutique’ and one as ’boutique and lab’. The lab develops E6C41 and B&W. The fact they develop E6 is a sign that they’re a fairly serious lab, so I’d definitely give them a look.

Photo Service:

A reader from Montreal emailed saying that I might want to include this business. He said they were pretty good, and that lots of pros go there. Having just looked at their website, I can see why. Photo Service clearly offers a wide variety of services, pretty much anything you can think of, including normal E6C41 and B&W development, but also pushing and pulling (of all 3 formats), cross-processing (E6 in C41 chemistry and vice versa), and more.

Photo St-Denis:

A customer recommended I add Photo St-Denis, saying that she has used it, and many of her friends do. They process C41 Colour and Black & White according to their website, although I don’t know any prices.


This business seems to have scaled back their developing from daily to weekly, and they no longer do it in house. I’ve also received feedback about their quality not always being great.

Winnipeg, Manitoba:

The Lab Works:

Full description to come, but they do process E6, which is impressive. They also do C41 and B&W as well, at various sizes.

Calgary, Alberta:

Robinson’s Camera:

This place is apparently in Inglewood (this probably means more to people in Calgary!) I phoned and talked to a very helpful, friendly guy, who said they develop colour C41 and B&W. They do everything locally, except 120 sized colour film, which they have to send out, so it takes a bit longer.

London Drugs: A reader wrote saying that they phoned London Drugs in January, and the store confirmed that they develop both colour and E6.

Vancouver, British Columbia:

The Lab Vancouver:

This seems to be a lab geared to professional work. They process E6 slide film, as well as C41 and B&W. I was going to phone, but they’re closed on Saturdays, so give them a shout if you have any questions.

Kerrisdale Cameras:

I’ve read that they develop film. They have a pretty impressive list of their current stock of used cameras and lenses on their site, which I wish more stores had.

Rocket Reprographics:

These folks do C41 and B&W processing in sizes up to 120. They also offer scanning, and have a PDF price list here.

ABC Photo:

This seems to be a pro lab that develops E6C41 colour and B&W, the whole range. The page I linked shows that they have prices listed for all sizes up to 8×10 (doesn’t get much bigger than that!) This is another lab that’s closed on Saturday, so I wasn’t able to phone today and get more info, but their website looks fairly comprehensive and their prices look fine.

Dartmouth and Halifax, Nova Scotia

Atlantic Photo Supply:

This lab develops C41 in-house, and sends out B&W and E6 with a 2 week turnaround time. They don’t actually list scanning as a service on their development price list, but they do list it as something they do for old photos or slides, so it might be worth phoning if you need scans but you don’t scan negatives yourself.

They have 2 locations: Dartmouth, and Halifax. I am not positive, but I assume that both accept film for development.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Ivan’s Camera:

A customer from Nova Scotia was kind enough to let me know that Ivan’s Camera in Moncton still processes film at pretty good prices. Their web page does not give details, so give them a call or visit if you’re in the area.

Mail Order

Canadian Film Lab:

This is a pro lab in British Columbia, run by 2 professional photographers. It used to be called U.K. Film Lab, but they moved to Canada and changed the name. If you look around their site, you’ll see that it’s clearly targeted to film photographers who are serious about image quality. I’ve had a couple of Buy Film Canada customers recommend CFL highly, although I haven’t used them yet myself.

Film Rescue:

Film Rescue is based in Saskatchewan, although they also have some foreign operations, as detailed here. These folks are unique compared to the other labs in this list – they specialize in rescuing old film by processing and/or scanning it. If you have an oddball, or obscure format of film you need help with, Film Rescue may be your solution. They process and scan old movie film, old still film, and even disc film (I am pretty sure nobody else on the list touches that stuff). Their site is full of info, and to be honest I don’t understand everything, but if you’re on this page because you found some old Kodachrome movie film, or something like that, go check them out.