Testimonials from Real Customers

Because Buy Film Canada is a relatively new business, a lot of people have asked whether we’re legit and if they can trust us. Initially, my answer was that if someone really wanted to start a scam business, probably the absolute worst idea would be pretending to be a store selling camera film. But I decided to put up a page of testimonials from customers anyway.

I want to stress something, because this is a pet peeve of mine: These are all completely legitimate, unedited, authentic testimonials. I’ve been to so many websites where the testimonials seem very sketchy, but these are real, and in any cases where someone’s full name isn’t shown, it’s simply because they don’t want it on here, for privacy reasons.

Here they are, and please, if you’ve bought something from Buy Film Canada, I’d love to get a testimonial from you too! Just email support@buyfilm.ca,thanks!

Hi, I just want to say thank you, I placed my very first order with you last week ( different film and a Patterson tank) and received the parcel yesterday. I’m doing photography for about 10 years now, digital, and I want to go into film photography for the first time. Somebody gave me a Pentax K1000 last week. I search over the net for a source of film and I found you. You have a very nice choices of film brand. Processed of ordering is very easy and you have good prices. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to jump into the world of film photography!

― Luc Desormeaux
Quebec, Canada

After much frustration trying to find a variety of film locally, I did a bit of research to see if anyone in Canada had stepped up. My local shop had a small variety and ridiculous markup, especially on pro films. I found Buy Film Canada on all major social media platforms, which directed me to the website. There it is in all its glory, look at all the variety of films for 135 and 120! The prices are fantastic, the service was the best and the shipping was lightning fast. Dealing with Andrew has been a stellar experience, it’s nice to support someone as passionate about analog photography as I am. Cheers to that!

― Adam Correia

Buyfilm was great, my order arrived from the other side of the country in only 2 days. The whole experience felt very personal, like I was buying from someone who still holds the same passion for analog photography as I do. Will be ordering again.

― Blake Pelling

Excellent service, fast shipping and great prices.  After shopping for film locally and from other over-the-border retail stores, I was very happy to find competitive prices AND a Canadian business that offers a huge variety of film for both my 35mm and 120mm cameras.   Their recommendations for where to develop film also came in handy.

Anestis Papoutsis

Finding reasonably priced film in Canada is difficult.  I found the Buy Film Canada website and was pleasantly surprised by the prices. With Andrew’s excellent customer service Buy Film Canada is now my first choice for film purchases.

― Richard Sadowski

hey, i just received my order yesterday and i was so impressed with the service. i’ve never gone out of my way to contact a company like this but damnnnnn, your site is super easy to use, the payment was processed so fast, it was shipped just as quickly and got to my house in 2 days! the note, price list and word search was a beautiful touch, really makes me feel like i’m dealing with a real person who owns the store and just wants to make it easier for people to get film. i haven’t had a customer service experience this pleasant in idk how long. i hadn’t heard anything about your site so i was kind of iffy ordering at first, but i don’t have a single regret and i will definitely be ordering from you again. cheers!

 – D.R. in London, Ontario