Unicolor C-41 Press Kit (2 Liter)

CAD $59.99

Unicolor C-41 Press Kit (2 Liter)
Unicolor C-41 Press Kit (1 Liter)

Unicolor C-41 Press Kit (2 Liter)

CAD $59.99

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This is a standard C-41 developing kit, in powder form. It contains Developer, Blix (parts A and B) and Stabilizer, and lets you develop your own colour film at home.

This kit officially can process 16 rolls of film, but in practice, most people process many more, and many people report developing up to 40 or more with no problems.

We also have 1 Liter kits available here, and you can email support@buyfilm.ca with any questions about how these work, what you need to use one, etc. I’ll also be posting a blog post shortly.

Additional information

Weight 860 g
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 cm


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