Ricoh R-ex 70z (New Old Stock, Unopened, 35mm Point-and-Shoot Camera)

CAD $29.99

Ricoh R-ex 70z (New Old Stock, Unopened, 35mm Point-and-Shoot Camera)

CAD $29.99

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We acquired a small number of these cameras in excellent condition (as well as a slightly larger amount of the Ricoh FF-10 Twin Super Date). These are all in the original boxes, packed into unopened original cases from the factory.

The Ricoh R-ex 70z is a true point-and-shoot from the last days before digital. It has all the automatic features you’d expect in a point-and-shoot from a major manufacturer, including:

  • Automatic film loading.
  • Automatic, motorized film advance after each shot, and auto-rewind when the roll is done.
  • Built-in flash, that can be forced off, or forced on.
  • Self-timer
  • Data back to imprint the date and time on each photo (this can be disabled, and there are 4 different date formats available)
  • Slow-sync flash mode
  • Back-light Exposure Compensation mode (a pre-set +1.5 EV exposure compensation setting)

The lens is a 35mm – 70mm zoom. The zoom works in the standard way, and you can zoom to points in between 35 and 70 (unlike the Ricoh FF-10 Twin Super Date).

The cameras come with a case (pictured) and a hand strap (not pictured – it’s still in the original plastic wrap in the box), and manual.

This camera take a single CR-2 battery (not included). These can be often be found at dollar stores (although not Dollarama in my experience), or purchased online.

Additional information

Weight350 g
Dimensions15 × 9 × 7 cm


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