Polaroid Originals B&W i-Type Instant Film (8 Exposures) – PRE-ORDER GROUP BUY

CAD $21.99

Polaroid Originals B&W i-Type Instant Film (8 Exposures) – PRE-ORDER GROUP BUY

CAD $21.99

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Because we haven’t sold Polaroid before, we’re not sure how much of each type we might (or might not) sell, so this is a pre-order and a group buy.

  • The ordering period runs until 11:59 PM. Sunday, November 12 (end of the weekend).
  • At that point, assuming we have enough orders to make the minimum order with Polaroid (I expect we will), I’ll put in the order. If you mention this to friends, that’ll help make sure we hit this.
  • After putting in the order, I’d expect to get the film in a few days, and ship it out immediately to buyers.
  • On the very off chance that we get so many orders that Polaroid can’t send enough film, or packing orders takes a long time, we’ll send it in a first-ordered first-sent order, so order early if you’re worried.
  • If you order here, and then change your mind before the pre-order period is done and want a refund, no problem, just email
  • There might be types of film we can’t include if we only sell a couple of packs, because of Polaroid’s minimum order requirements. For instance, if only 1 person orders 1 pack of, for instance, Spectra B&W, we might have to refund them (although we’ll try very hard not to let this happen if it’s close).
  • If something very unexpected happens and we can’t get the film, we’ll refund everyone immediately.
  • This pricing is the best we could manage. This film requires additional duties at import.
  • If you order and then want info on how the pre-order group buy is going, I will be updating the Buy Film Canada Instagram Stories with details a few times a day. Follow us on Instagram and then go to the Stories feature for that. You can also just shoot us a line on Twitter or IG and ask.

If you think you’ll want any Polaroid film for Christmas or the general holiday season, this is a good chance to get it ahead of time, in case Polaroid starts running out once people start really shopping. It’s pretty doubtful we’ll have more Polaroid film in our store before 2018 after this group buy.

With that all out of the way, this specific listing is for the B&W film that goes in i-Type format cameras. This is a pack of 8 photos. If you have any questions, let us know.

Additional information

Weight100 g
Dimensions12 x 2 x 10 cm


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