Gift Card

Gift Card


This is a digital gift card for Buy Film Canada that your friend or loved one can use to buy film, cameras, developing chemicals, etc.

In case you’re not sure how much to give, here are some general ideas of what you can get for different gift card values. Please note that film prices can vary greatly, depending on the type and format, so this is just a vague ballpark based on the average things most people buy:

Our film costs between about $6 and $19 per roll, depending on different factors. Shipping costs between $7 (Ontario, Quebec) and $12 (provinces that are farther away).

The average order is $88, although that includes some larger orders where people are buying developing supplies or cameras. The average film-only order is probably more like $70.

$10 – This will pay for 1 roll (or maybe 1.5) of a lot of types of film.

$25 – This will pay for 2 or 3 rolls of many films, and maybe shipping charges.

$50 – This will cover 4 or 5 rolls of many films, and shipping charges. Or 2 or 3 rolls of the most premium film, plus shipping.

$100 – This will cover quite a few rolls of film, plus shipping.

$250 – This covers a lot of film.


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