Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a legitimate company? I haven’t heard of you.

We are new as of early 2017! We have sold lots of film though, but we still get this question a lot from people just discovering us, so I put together a page of testimonials from happy customers, you can read it here.

Are your website prices listed in Canadian dollars?

Yes! Please keep that in mind. It would be sneakier for us to list them in US prices, which look lower, but we don’t. So if you see something and think “Wait I paid 10 bucks for that when I was in the States!”, remember to do the conversion.

How fast can I get film?

We try to ship very, very fast, as fast as possible. If you use the shipping calculator on our site, it is set to estimate shipping based on if we ship your film 1 day after you place the order, but in reality, if you order before 3PM (Toronto time), we almost always ship that day (excluding weekends, since the post office is closed).

We’re located in Toronto. If you’re in Ontario, or Quebec, and you order before about 3 P.M., you will usually get your film the next day (technically the next business day). About 10% of the time, things get a little more delayed in the postal system and it takes 2 days. If you live farther away, times go up a bit. Most packages we’ve sent to B.C. have taken 4 business days (ie. order on a Monday before 3PM, receive your film on Friday), and Newfoundland is about the same. Other places are in between. If you want a better estimate for your exact case, feel free to email us and ask!

Do you sell any expired film?

Nope, it’s all fresh from the manufacturer. If we ever have some special item that involves expired film, it will be clearly noted on the product page.

I want something that isn’t listed.

Please get in touch! We can get almost anything, but as we’re a brand new business, we don’t have everything in stock. In particular, I didn’t order any 4×5 or other sheet film, but it’s no problem to get, just let us know.

Where do you ship?

While the idea is to make it easier to get film in Canada, we can ship wherever.

Can I pay with Interac e-Transfer?

Yes! You can write us for more info, but the system right now is just: Stick your order in your cart, have it total up the prices, and go to pay via Paypal, but stop before actually paying. Then e-Transfer whatever the total is to and we’ll process your order right away.

Where are you located, and is local pickup available at all?

Buy Film Canada is in Toronto, Ontario, but we don’t have a storefront. Local pickup may be possible, especially near where the film is stored (Mississauga/Oakville border). Get in touch to set something up –

You can also send more questions to that address!

Where can you get film developed anyway?

There are too many places to list in this format, so we made this page: Where to Get Film Developed in Canada in 2017


Do you have any 24 exposure rolls of film?

We have a few, but in most cases, the rolls with 24 shots cost almost the same as the ones with 36, so we don’t even bother carrying the shorter ones. In some cases (Kodak Gold Ultramax is a prime example), the 24 exposure rolls can be worth getting, so we do carry those. Having said this, most of the more professional films don’t even have an option for 24 exposures anyway, with the main exception being Ilford. If you want short Ilford rolls, please get in contact, we can get them for you.

What’s the best cheap film?

There are a few that everyone agrees are great. For colour film you have three choices, all of which are loved by lots of photographers:

  • Kodak Gold/Ultramax : This comes in 200 and 400 speeds, although we only carry the 400 right now. A classic film that many people associate with kids birthday parties in the pre-digital days.
  • Agfaphoto Vista : Comes in 200 and 400 speeds.
  • Fuji Superia: Very similar to the others, with possibly a very slightly cooler (less warm) colour balance.

For black & white film, for the absolute cheapest price, check out the Kentmere films. That’s Ilford’s budget brand, and will save you a bit of money, while still giving you good results.

What are some other things to consider with film pricing?

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes the films with multiple ISO versions throw me off. Portra is a great example – it comes in speeds of 160, 400 and 800. They’re all great films, but you just want to make sure you buy the correct one, because if you accidentally buy a bunch of 160 when you wanted 400, it could be annoying in certain shooting situations – and vice versa.

It’s also worth noting that the highest speed films (like Portra 800, and Fuji 1600 for example) have a price premium, and cost more than their 400 speed counterparts. It’s not like they cost twice as much or anything though, and what you get for the extra money are some of the most technically advanced films available. Today’s high speed films are incredible, and I always carry a couple with me, in case I wind up somewhere with lower light than I expected; they can be a real life-saver when you finally need them.

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Excellent service, fast shipping and great prices.  After shopping for film locally and from other over-the-border retail stores, I was very happy to find competitive prices AND a Canadian business that offers a huge variety of film for both my 35mm and 120mm cameras.   Their recommendations for where to develop film also came in

Anestis Papoutsis

Finding reasonably priced film in Canada is difficult.  I found the Buy Film Canada website and was pleasantly surprised by the prices. With Andrew’s excellent customer service Buy Film Canada is now my first choice for film purchases.

― Richard Sadowski

hey, i just received my order yesterday and i was so impressed with the service. i’ve never gone out of my way to contact a company like this but damnnnnn, your site is super easy to use, the payment was processed so fast, it was shipped just as quickly and got to my house in 2 days! the note, price list and word search was a beautiful touch, really makes me feel like i’m dealing with a real person who owns the store and just wants to make it easier for people to get film. i haven’t had a customer service experience this pleasant in idk how long. i hadn’t heard anything about your site so i was kind of iffy ordering at first, but i don’t have a single regret and i will definitely be ordering from you again. cheers!

 – D.R. in London, Ontario