Buy $99 of Film, Get a Free Point-and-shoot

I’m going to add photos shortly, but I acquired a lot of point and shoot cameras. They’re new old stock, so they come in boxes, with cases, wrist straps, etc.

For a limited time, while supplies last, you can have one free if you order $99 of film from our site. I unfortunately don’t have a picture of the cameras right now, because this site is a no-digital zone, but here are the details:

  • The cameras are Ricoh FF-10.
  • To qualify, you just need to buy $99 of film – disposable cameras (or other cameras we may list soon) do not qualify.
  • These point-and-shoots take normal AA batteries.
  • I’ve tested one, and it takes decent photos. They’re not as sharp as some point-and-shoots, but not as soft as toy cameras.
  • To get one, just put in your order, and I will email you to confirm that I’m adding one to your shipment. If this page is still up, then we have them in stock.
  • Free shipping in Canada for orders over $99 still applies.
  • One camera per person, even if you make multiple orders or spend multiples of $99. Sorry, but I’m trying to get these out there in the hands of shooters (hence giving them away and not sticking them on Ebay or something)
  • These are sold as-is, without warranty. As I said though, these have never been used, and I tested one and it works fine, no light leaks, no problems.

Please email with any questions. I will have pictures up very, very soon of the Ricohs.