Spot Buy Film Canada in Mike Janik’s Latest Vlog

Mike Janik is a Toronto photographer who publishes The Toronto Times, and makes great Youtube videos.

While he started out by doing camera reviews and informational videos (check out ‘How to Clean Your Camera‘, ‘13 Film Photography Hacks‘ and ‘Let’s Talk About Zines‘), a few months he started also doing Vlogs.

In his latest, he prowls the streets of downtown Toronto, wielding one of the Fujifilm 1600 ISO, 39-exposure disposable cameras that we sell on this very store. He winds up taking some great architectural shots, which he shares, and also sums up his thoughts on the camera. He also mentions the possibility that he might make a video showing how to reload a disposable, which I personally would loveDrake disposable cameras to see. I know that a couple of people who have bought one of the (there’s some extra Toronto content!) have mentioned that they intend to that, and while I know there are a few videos about it on Youtube, I’d love to see a really good video on it.

You can watch it right here – recommended viewing for all Canadian film photography people (and the not-Canadian ones):


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