C-41 Developing Kits Available for Sale Now

Since I started this site, the most common request I’ve received has been for C-41 developing kits. I’m finally found a decent way to get them to Canada, and they’re in the store now.

The kits are standard Unicolor kits, and contain several pouches of powdered chemicals. These are the kits that almost everybody uses to develop colour film. There are other kits available (mostly in Europe from what I’ve seen) that provide the chemicals in liquid form, but these cost a lot more, and as far as I can tell, they don’t really have any advantage. These Unicolor kits produce excellent results, and I don’t honestly know what advantage there could be to be honest.

I plan to have some blog posts up soon covering the process of home developing C-41, so keep your eyes open to this blog, but feel free to email support@buyfilm.ca in the meantime with any questions on how these work, what other equipment you need, etc.

C-41 Processing Kit – 1 Liter

C-41 Processing Kit – 2 Liters

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