New Lower Shipping Rates

I wanted to mention that the shipping rates have gone way down in the store (about 40% lower) in the past few days, and I’d like to explain why. (Of course orders over $99 still ship free).

Originally, we charged exact shipping for Canada Post + 10% to cover the cost of shipping materials, like boxes. I wasn’t so sure about the 10% thing, but it was recommended by experts, so I just shrugged my shoulders and went with it.

I noticed immediately that almost everyone was going with the $99 free shipping method. This was fine, and it meant that everyone was buying a lot of film, which is good for the store, but it made me think that there were probably a decent amount of people who wanted smaller quantities, but were getting quoted $11 shipping (a typical example in Ontario), and thought that was too high.

So that’s great for people who want to buy $99 of film at once, but I felt like it might not be so fun for people who just wanted a few rolls. So what I did was to adjust the shipping so that now, whatever the actual shipping rate from Canada Post is, the store actually takes 30% off that price, instead of adding 10%.

So now, a lot of people are getting quoted $6.75 for shipping instead of $11 (again, this is a typical Ontario price), and I can already tell that people like it, because many more people are putting in small orders.

It’s actually been dramatic how many people are putting in small orders now. I think there’s a certain cutoff where shipping suddenly isn’t a pain. One customer actually brought it up to me and said this:

I was very happy with the shipping cost, it’s cheaper than it costs for me to pay for gas downtown and pay parking. Me and my brother split the order too. Can’t believe it came in 1 day, good work mate.

And yes, I know that I left in the complimentary stuff as a subtle brag, sorry 🙂

The only real downside to this change is that for me personally, it feels better to be packing up big $100+ orders, but I think this makes it easier for people to get and shoot film, and that’s the whole point of this store anyway!

So let me know what you think (, or if there’s any way I could change or improve things.

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