Buy Film Canada Has a Newsletter Now.

I’m going to go ahead and admit that this isn’t the most exciting blog post ever, but we have a newsletter now, which I’ll be using to send out news when we get new film, add cameras to the store, etc. The signup form should be at the bottom of each page, but I’m going to paste it in at the end of this post, too.

One thing I should mention: If you bought anything from the store before this list existed, you didn’t see a “Join our newsletter?” option when you went through the checkout. Once I created the list, it automatically imported everyone who had already bought from the store, and subscribed them. I discussed this with a couple of people, and the general consensus was that nobody should be too annoyed at this, but if this does actually bother you, let me know, and I’m sorry!

Also, I know that basically every mailing list in the world says “Sign up for great discounts and cool exclusives!” but then doesn’t actually ever offer these things, so I am not making a big deal about that, but I do have a few plans to add some cool stuff to the list. One thing I was thinking was that each time I sent out an email, I’d have some special codeword and the first person to put in an order and mention that codeword would get a free roll of film thrown in. I don’t think that’s actually a great promotion though, because if multiple people try it, someone is probably going to be disappointed, and they might not even know right away that they weren’t the first. Also people who only see the newsletter a day late will probably not even care.

But if anyone has any ideas of cool little promotions like that, let me know (! Here’s the form:


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