“Saviour” by Floor Staff is an incredible video made from 1692 shots of expired Fujicolor 200

Colum O’Dwyer is a filmmaker from Ireland who used a bunch of expired Fujicolor 200 (that he was intentionally storing on top of a radiator) to make a really remarkable video for Floor Staff.

The video looks excellent, but what’s really interesting to me is how many cool things he does. It’s not just a bunch of burst shots tied together – there are shots of differing lengths, a few still photos that are held for a few seconds, etc.

Even if he had done the most obvious, easiest thing, and just photographed the musician playing, then assembled those stills into a video, it would have been cool, but he went way farther than that, and the video stands on its own as an interesting work of storytelling. Check it out here:

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