Will This be the Next Big Film Photography Kickstarter?

I just saw a video about an app that looks like it would be an amazing way to make film photography more accessible for new shooters. It lets you use your iPhone to scan photos quickly and easily, and the demo looks so smooth, I’d love to use this immediately.

The app is called Filmlab (official site here), and here’s the video, and then I’ll talk a tiny bit more about it:

I think that scanning negatives is one of the worst parts of film photography, and possibly the biggest pain point that could turn people off taking up the hobby. You can pay for lab scans, and they’re usually fantastic (but not always cheap), but if you develop at home, as so many people do, scanning your pictures is so time-consuming, and the results can be so iffy, unless you’re lucky enough to have some high-end equipment like maybe a Pakon (drool) or Epson 800, etc.

This app might not make pixel perfect scans (although it could – so much is possible with computational photography and machine learning and whatnot these days), but having a way to really quickly convert negatives into digital photos would be so amazing.

I want this app to be available for sure, I can’t wait for the Kickstarter to launch! Hopefully it will do well, there’s certainly a precedent now that the Lab Box campaign raised almost a million dollars (Canadian).

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