Welcome to Buy Film Canada


Welcome to the Buy Film Canada store. I’m a longtime film shooter from Canada, and while you can get film here, it often feels like our choices are limited. I hate waiting for something to get shipped from Asia, I hate buying film from New York and having to wait while it crosses the border, paying duty, etc. (I also hate the paltry choices for buying used film cameras without crazy shipping fees, but that’s something this site will tackle a little bit later, not yet).

This store is meant to solve as many of these problems as it can. Film photography rules, and it sucks that the access to it is sometimes the only real impediment. Buy Film Canada is here to provide a great selection of film, at great prices, and to get it into your hands as fast as humanly possible.

This is just a quick introductory note, but please feel free to get in touch, tell me what you need, what we don’t carry, what you like, what you shoot… whatever!

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